Serenata Flower Care for Phalaenopsis

Serenata Flower Care for Phalaenopsis

Use this care guide on how to take care of a Phalaenopsis and its graceful beauty.
  1. Sunlight Placement:
    Find a bright, indirect light spot for your Phalaenopsis

  2. Watering:
    Allow the top inch of the potting mix to dry before watering to prevent waterlogging.

  3. Temperature :
    Maintain a consistent temperature range between 65-75°F (18-24°C) during the day and above 60°F (15°C) at night.

  4. Humidity :
    Aim for a humidity level of 50-70%.Consider placing a tray of water nearby if the water is dry.

  5. Resist Immediate Repotting:
    Give your new orchid time to acclimate before considering any repotting.

  6. Fertilizing:
    Hold off on fertilizing for the first few weeks. Then use a balanced orchid fertilizer, following package instructions.

  7. Gentle Grooming:
    Remove any spent blooms or damaged leaves with clean, sharp scissors

  8. Avoid Drastic Temperature Changes:
    Shield your orchid from sudden temperature changes, to maintain a stable environment.

  9. Inspect for Pests:
    If you notice any unwelcome guests, address them promptly.

  10. Enjoy the Initial Bloom:
    Patience is key before encouraging new blooms.

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