Serenata Flower care for Dried Flowers

Serenata Flower care for Dried Flowers

Here's your go-to guide for embracing the delicate charm on how to take care of dried flowers:
  1. Dainty Dusting:
    Give your dried beauties a soft dusting with a brush or a gentle hairdryer to remove unwanted dirt.

  2. Keep Them Dry:
    Protect them from moisture; dried flowers and dampness don't mix.

  3. Shy Away from Sun:
    Find a cozy spot away from direct sunlight to maintain those lovely hues, direct sunlight will cause color wash out.

  4. Handle with Love:
    Handle with care; Like fresh flowers, dried petals are also delicate.

  5. Hide from Little Explorers:
    Keep your dried flowers safe from curious kiddos and playful pets.

  6. Preserve with Hairspray:
    A light hairspray mist helps keep those petals perky and intact.

  7. Pest Patrol:
    Occasionally check for any uninvited guests; pests and dried flowers don't mix.

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