Hue Choose - Color Psychology with Flowers

Hue Choose - Color Psychology with Flowers

A simple guide on how to choose the suitable flower color for any occasion

Flowers are known to elicit positive emotions that may give an uplifting effect. Paring it with the suitable hue can enhance and affect people’s mood and atmosphere. We, at Serenata, use this as our guiding principle to create designs that help our clients communicate their intended messages through flowers. By discovering color psychology in flowers, you may create your preferred feel and ambience for your next floral arrangement.



This is the most eye-catching, attention-drawing color due to it’s bright, fiery hue that may invoke strong emotions. It represents passion and romance towards someone which is a theme we see all around during Valentine’s Day. This is perfect to send to that special someone in your life. Flowers that come in this hue are Roses, Lilies and Amaryllis.




An uplifting color often associated with vibrance, cheerfulness, and positivity. Orange represents inspiration, hope, and strength. This is perfect to give to someone you know who is feeling down or someone you have let down – a sure-fire cure for the blues. Flowers that come in this hue are Roses, Gerberas, and Chrysanthemums. 




A color that bursts with bliss and depicts respect and platonic love. It represents friendship, happiness and gratitude. This is perfect to give to a friend you would to thank or inspire – a sweet surprise. Flowers that come in this hue are Sunflowers, Dhalias, and Calla Lilies.




A lush color that radiates prosperity and life. It represents fortuity, luck and new beginnings. A dash of this color is perfect to decorate events with themes of renewal such as celebration of birth, weddings, and new business ventures. This is also perfect to give to anyone you know who is embarking on something new. Flowers that come in this hue are Succulents, Carnations, and Spider Mums.




A powerful color that displays majesty and royalty. It represents elegance and prestige. This beautiful pop of color is perfect to give anyone you adore, admire or want to impress to make a lasting positive impression. Flowers that come in this hue are Lavenders, Orchids, and Tulips.  


Considering the colors of the flowers in the next arrangement you will send will immensely help deliver the right message to your recipient. Use Red to give to that special someone, Orange to lift the spirits of anyone you think needs it, Yellow for your cherished friendships, Green to give those who are opening a new chapter in their lives, and Purple for those who you admire and value.

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